With Gratitude,
from previous clients



"What you'll learn quickly about Susan is that she has a great understanding of how to develop innovative solutions that are far from the cookie cutter approach and on the cutting edge of providing transformative impact!"

— Chris Cooper

Master of Public Administration (MPA) Student



"I had the privilege of hearing Susan present on Restorative Justice and PBIS at Twin Lakes Elementary School. I appreciate how she dived into behavior, communication, self awareness and linked it to what being trauma informed is all about. She mixed humor, personal observations and her many years of classroom experience into her training. The staff was fully engaged. I highly recommend her to teach and motivate staff with her expertise."

-Alison Webster

School Social Worker

San Juan Unified School District

“Susan Jones is one incredible woman! I am forever grateful for her guidance as she walked me through a very rough patch with my 4 year old daughter… and out of the kindness of her heart, as I wasn’t even a client of hers! 
My daughter has always been very easy when it comes to daycare/preschool drop off, staying over night with family, and bedtime. She was sleep trained at 3 months, and when it came to drop offs she would almost push us away with excitement! Until one day she very suddenly started having major separation anxiety. It was inexplicable, confusing and very frustrating. My gut was telling me that she was manipulating us and that I should stand my ground and not give in. I tried all sorts of things that friends were suggesting, but never really addressed the actual issue, my husband and my relationship with our daughter! I tried to find solutions using “things” like a necklace to remind her of me, and reward charts. None of it was working, and it was actually getting worse. Thank goodness I went to Susan for guidance, because I would have NEVER taken her approach had she not had the opportunity to enlighten me. 
What Susan shared with me the day we spoke will forever be with me and in my heart. It was something that had not crossed my mind, because as a parent we KNOW how deeply we love our children, and assume they know that too without a shadow of a doubt. But as she explained to me, children can often feel as though they’re not enough, or important, or even as loved as they truly are. We can get so caught up in work, social media and all of the other distractions life brings and very quickly make our children feel second best to one thing or another. When Susan told me this my first thought was “This is crazy. There’s no way my child thinks she’s not important to me.” Then I took a step back and had a very real moment with myself. I realized that it’s true, I can get wrapped up in other things and tell her to “hold on” or “one sec” a lot. To my daughter a few times is enough to make her feel like she’s not important. 
So moving forward I took the advice Susan gave me that day, to commit to 30 minutes every morning of uninterrupted time with my daughter. No electronics, no distractions, and a LOT of love. Like, over the top love!!!! We even more recently took it to the next level and did the same thing after dinner, before bed. We would also take time throughout the day to do meditation with my daughter, which helped calm both of us down. This really helped us work through frustrating moments and we were able to remain on the same page with less fighting. Another great suggestion of Susan’s! 
After some time of focusing on her and our love for her, her separation anxiety and fear of monsters at bedtime are completely gone!!! It’s such a relief to know our daughter feels confident in our love for her!! It’s the least we can do as her parents. Susan, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!”

-Stephanie Lozano, Mom

Vacaville, California

"With over two decades of experience working with students, families, administration and teachers, Susan has the ability to permanently transform climate of environments- both directly and indirectly.

Susan takes her expertise in human development, and instead of simply training staff (which she does masterfully) or doing interventions with individuals, she transfers that expertise to others, who learn that a different set of behaviors can get their needs met while learning you can develop these skills, and draw on concrete tools, that help build strong relationships with colleagues, staff, students and families. 

I've seen Susan present to community groups and at conferences. In both settings, Susan manages to send people home with a new, internal toolkit- the ability to generate new ideas grounded in the knowledge of human development, the impacts of trauma on the body and behavior, and on the ways that resilience shifts these dynamics. When knowledge is transferred in this way, participants develop the confidence to try out new strategies, right away, in any environment.

Susan's expertise is valuable to leaders, staff, families, students  and communities seeking to become trauma informed  and increase the resilience of members and their organizations. "

— Donielle Prince

ACES Connection

Regional Community Facilitator

San Francisco/Bay Area

I heard Susan Jones, Principal Consultant at Creative Behavior Systems and Behavior Analyst for Yolo County Office of Education speak at the “Reach All Students” professional development day for Winters Joint Unified School District on January 28th, 2019. She provided an extremely powerful two part presentation about the impact of adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress has on health. The ACES research she described affirmed all I had already believed about childhood trauma as it relates to readiness to learn. If you ever get a chance to hear Susan speak you will be amazed by both her talent, humor and compassion as well her knowledge of her subject area.

The quote below is from the TED.com talk “How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime”, by Nadine Burke Harris.
Susan recommended in in her session.

“In the words of Dr. Robert Block the former President of the American Academy of Pediatrics, adverse childhood experiences are the single greatest unaddressed public health threat facing our nation.”

Sue Bridge
Winters Joint Unified School District

"Susan presented an exceptional program on 'Trauma, ACES, Schools, and Us' at our California School Nurses Organization Northern Section, Spring 2018 Conference.  Susan shared her wealth of knowledge and experience in this area and gave the participants many practical skills to help our students succeed. 

We would love to have her back again!"

— Colette Cooper, RN.

School Nurse

CSNO NS President Elect.




"Susan Jones of Creative Behavior Systems provided two great, comprehensive trainings to members of the ReEntry Coalition on Trauma Informed Care and Resilience Building. Her background is extensive, and her ability to take complex problems and communicate them in simple ways makes the training very effective. The material presented was relevant, research driven and applicable to the population our members serve. I would highly recommend anyone dealing with at-risk or justice involved people take a training from Susan so they can increase engagement, retention and outcomes. Great training all the way around!"

-Maggi Schubert

GPS Social Enterprises, LLC

"Transforming Community One Life at a Time"


"In my three years closely working with Susan Jones, I regard her as the 'People Whisperer.' 

She's been an brave voice and advocate for trauma-informed care in school systems which quickly forget. Trauma-informed care is actually an ethic that has deeply impacted the conscience Susan represents. Because of what Susan has taught me, I try to think and speak from a wholly different empathetic perspective. The results are taking me personally AND professionally further than any professional development I can ever remember. 

But be careful. Because once Susan Jones is in your system, it's like having a mosquito in your ear day and night, she's that good at creating consistent personal awareness."

-Michael Zysk


Encina Preparatory High School

Social Justice, Mentoring, English and Creative Writing


"Susan will humbly challenge you, not just by her words but through her personhood.  Yes, it is true, there are hundreds of different trainings about trauma and countless trainers; trauma is a hot topic nowadays and rightfully so, as it permeates the seams of society.  Susan lives out, in the most unveiling way, what it means to be a trauma informed person.  Anyone can get trained to become “trauma informed”, Susan teaches people how to be a trauma-informed individual who talk, listen, and interacts in a manner which connects people and brings them to the present like no other.  Body language, a significant communicator; it is not just enough to be informed about trauma but one must consider what their body language is telling the person in front of them.  A person can put a system of any kind into place with the best of intentions but if it is not put into place with all aspects considered the impact might not only be ineffective but detrimental and most often not intentional.  Susan has made a huge impact on me and who I am as a Social Worker.  I am grateful and forever indebted to her for the investment she not only poured into me but into beautiful individuals I come into contact with daily. I see her work in so many, she has no idea how impactful she is."


-Sarah Brooke Stiles,


Social Worker, MTSS Team

San Juan Unified School District