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— Cliff Hue



With over two decades of experience working with students and teachers, Susan Jones has the ability to permanently transform the climate of a classroom- both directly and indirectly. Susan takes her expertise in human development, and instead of simply training staff (which she does masterfully) or doing interventions with people (her specialty), she transfers that expertise to willing staff, as well as to students and families who learn that a different set of behaviors can get their needs met. And teachers learn that they can develop the skills, and draw on concrete tools, that help them build strong relationships with their students. I've seen Susan present to community groups and at conferences. In both settings, Susan manages to send people home with a new, internal toolkit- the ability to generate new ideas grounded in the knowledge of human development, the impacts of trauma on the body and behavior, and on the ways that resilience shifts these dynamics. When knowledge is transferred in this way, participants develop the confidence to try out new strategies, right away, in classrooms and homes. Susan's expertise will be of value to leaders, staff, families, and communities seeking to become trauma informed  and increase the internal resilience of members and their organizations. 

— Donielle Prince

ACES Connection

Susan presented an exceptional program on 'Trauma, ACES, Schools, and Us' at our California School Nurses Organization Northern Section Spring 2018 Conference.  Susan shared her wealth of knowledge and experience in this area and gave the participants many practical skills to help our students succeed. 

We would love to have her back again!

— Colette A. Cooper

School Nurse

CSNO NS President Elect

In my three years closely working with Susan Jones, I regard her as the 'People Whisperer.' 

She's been an brave voice and advocate for trauma-informed care in school systems which quickly forget. Trauma-informed care is actually an ethic that has deeply impacted the conscience Susan represents. Because of what Susan has taught me, I try to think and speak from a wholly different empathetic perspective. The results are taking me personally and professionally further than any professional development I can ever remember. 

But be careful. Because once Susan Jones is in your system, it's like having a mosquito in your ear day and night, she's that good at creating consistent personal awareness.

— Michael Zysk


Encina Preparatory High School 

Social Justice, Mentoring, English and Creative Writing