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Led by Susan Jones, Creative Behavior Systems has developed CARE (Connected, Aware, and Resilient Environments) a people-centered approach that’s particularly applicable to organizations and schools focusing on supporting systems of social and emotional learning and supports more effectively.

Our training approach utilizes methodologies such as; mindful practices, restorative practices, trauma-informed, ACES Science, positive behavior interventions, yoga, creativity in increasing engagement and more.  All in an effort to remove inequities, bias, conflict, barriers in communication and build resilience in individuals and organizations through systematic change.


Meet Our Dynamic Partners

Our partners combine decades of experience and passion to create the collective vision of Creative Behavior Systems with the same goal: build Connected, Aware & Resilient Environments.

Susan Jones

Founder & Principal Consultant

Founder of Creative Behavior Systems, Susan Jones, brings 20-plus years of experience in the trauma-informed approach to behavioral intervention and support, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) science and resilience-building expertise to organizations seeking to transform chaos and misunderstanding into calm, supportive, productive and equitable environments.

Susan is a longtime ACEs trainer and Behavior Specialist/Analyst who has worked with leaders and teams in criminal justice, non-profits, community organizations, schools and school districts. A public education veteran, Susan saw a need to create a more positive and productive environmental change system and set about to create CARE, (Connected, Aware, Resilient Environments). CARE is a comprehensive approach, customized for differing environments which improves relationships, communication, equity in a mindful and trauma informed approach.


Lauren Keeler

Special Education & Behavior Consultant

Founder of The Behavior Collective, LLC.

Lauren Keeler is an experienced Behavior Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Lauren is Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, working for populations with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Developmental Disabilities. She has over 15 years of Behavior Consultant work and is a passionate community and social services professional. She founded The Behavior Collective, LLC in 2019 after working with Susan & Creative Behavior Systems. 

Marianne Candela

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultant

Founder of Creative Justice Healing

Business Development Associate

Marianne is a Queer, Bi-Racial, Social Justice Educator, Queer Community Advocate & Business Developer.

Her teaching career began in S. Korea where for two years she began observing behavior and cultural intersections in education as she pursued her teaching credential & Master's in Teaching from the University of Southern California.

After completing a full year training under Susan during her first year teaching; Marianne continued studying trauma passionately on her own. She brought her practices with her while working in other school districts for the next 4 years until in 2018 she suffered a (TBI) Traumatic Brain Injury. Through her recovery, Marianne, applied the neuroscience of trauma to Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Hypnotherapy & Somatic therapies to recover her brain function and develop self-regulation practices to get out of "Trauma Brain" & back in to wellness.

These experiences have led her to pursue consultative work in order to share what she has learned to help heal her community, colleagues, family & self. 

Laura Tinti

Resilient Building Yoga, by Laura

Laura’s single day training covers how yoga, meditation and self inquiry are powerful tools for self-care and how to share them with others.

#Unstoppable was primarily created for students within classroom settings although beneficial for any teams of individuals working together.

Laura’s focus is how to bring yoga inspired calm to your mind and body with self and others in a trauma informed practice.

Laura’s training also gives an introduction as to why and how these take-home tools can help people who have experienced trauma and how to care for yourself first so you can more effectively serve others.

Katherine Gaffey Lehman

Art & Movement Consultant

Katherine Gaffey Lehman is an early childhood teacher and Waldorf Educator with extensive trauma informed teaching experience in kindergarten through seventh grade. She has a Masters of Waldorf Education specializing in Literacy Development in Waldorf Education from Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks California, USA. Katherine also has a Masters degree in Arts In The Curriculum from California State University Sacramento, USA. Katherine has over 40 years of training and movement and dance with children and adults. She has 20 years of training and implementation of storytelling, painting, drawing, puppetry, drama and story games in her classrooms. She’s dedicated to the integration of arts into cognitive education for young children. She teaches workshops for parents, teachers and children in any realm of education.

Brian Goetsch

Founder & Lead Facilitator of Authentic Relating Global Community

Brian has worked for 6 years as a School Psychologist. Beyond his
expertise as a special education manager, he pursued his passion for teaching mindfulness and social-
emotional lessons to individuals, small groups, and classrooms.

In 2018, Brian taught the Mindful
Schools Curriculum to the entire staff at a local elementary school and delivered workshops on
Mindfulness and Compassion at the Trauma-Informed Educators Conference. After planting these seeds, Brian embodied his passion for mindfulness and pursued a spiritual path, traveling to Peru, Guatemala, and Thailand over the past 2 years.

In Thailand, he picked up a practice
called Authentic Relating. In 2020, Brian started the online movement called Authentic Relating Global
Community, a group dedicated to the practice of this new ‘social technology’.

Now, after hosting over 50+ online gatherings, Brian is traveling the United States to experience
authentic living in different communities, from Asheville NC to Boulder CO to Sedona AZ. He is
passionate to bring Authentic Relating into the field of education by using a trauma-informed,
mindfulness-based approach to health, wellness, and meaningful education.

Jennifer McCain

Business Advocate

Jennifer McCain
is the Risk Manager for Schools Insurance Authority out of Sacramento California. She has 2
7 years of experience in safety and compliance across private and public sector environments. For the past fourteen years, she has worked in Risk Management for K-12 public education performing inspections and audits, training and development and Risk Management program
development and implementation. As a mother, she is dedicated to keeping our schools and educators safe and effective.

""What you’ll learn quickly about Susan is that she has a great understanding of how to develop innovative solutions that are far from the cookie cutter approach and on the cutting edge of providing transformative impact!""

Christopher Cooper, MBA
Program Administrator at Health Education Council

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